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We started in August of 2007. We celebrate our 8th years as a custom manufacturer of hotel furniture and fixtures for our clients here in North America.


Today, we understand your needs, your concerns and your desires in QUALITY guarantees and DELIVERY schedules . We are equally concerned about achieving your expectations. 


Together with my partners at the factory, we have worked very hard to deliver to you, the confidence you have in working with us today.


We have often reminded our clients that as a custom manufacturer of FFE, we manufacture off your and/or your consultant's construction drawings. As such, your hospitality brand will maintain the exclusivity of the interior design scheme.


We have therefore abstain from the development of a FF+E Inc catalogue.


Furniture manufactured in Asia by selected factories have come a long long way in meeting international Quality standards.

Our factory is one of them.


With our group associates, we confidently extend our services to also custom manufacture ffe items like lighting fixtures, soft furnishings, sofa beds, desk chairs, vanitioes with solid surfaces, artworks and even drapery.


The testimonies by our clients endorses our commitment to the Quality standards of our manufacture.


You will experince my personal attention to every detail of the furniture and/or ffe specifications prior to manufacturing and our factory's QC [Quality Control] systems. My commitment to our business is my presence at the factory on every single project  to personally inspect and endorse the quality manufactured prior to the loading. And therefater meeting the containers when they arrive at your hotel.


FF+E Inc is a Canadian company.


We are proud to be a recognised service provider to the Hospitality Industry assisting you here North America.


Together with our partners at the factory, we are committed in maintaining the North American Quality Standards expected on all custom manufactured imports.


And finally,

" Quality is the pride of workmanship "

" Quality is everyone's responsibility "

W.Edwards Deming 


I look forward to hearing from you.


Have a great day !



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