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Manufacturer & Supplier FURNITURE * FIXTURES & EQUIPMENT FOR INTERIORS   * Hotels * Resorts * Casinos * Golf & Country Clubs * Cruise Ships * Bars * Restaurants* Corporate Head Offices *Commercial Offices * Hospitals *Senior Homes *Assisted Living Homes *Universities *Colleges *Schools
Direct factory pricing FACTORY PRICING. Very Competitive. Unchallenged. DIRECT SHIPMENT FROM THE FACTORY.
Warranty All customed manufactured furniture come with FACTORY WARRANTY. Apply for further information.
International Export Standards Our custom manufactured furniture meet INTERNATIONAL EXPORT STANDARDS              
Quality We guarantee Q U A L I T Y  materials used.
Everything in this Bedroom We can manufacture all the furniture you see in this bedroom. We can supply the LIGHTING, the DRAPES and the BEDDINGS as well.

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Furniture Showcase

  • Sofa
    Show us the sofa design you really like. Show us the fabric you selected. We will tell you, how we can assist you.
  • Lounge Chair
    Lounge Chair
    Voted the most comfortable lounge chair used in the Hospitality industry.
  • HeadBoard
    Your Interior Designer will theme the Headboard design with your new bedroom furniture.
  • Dresser
    Traditional designs mostly. We have available a wide range of wood and veneers in Asia. Color stains have never been an issue.
  • Chair
    Definitely one of my favorite Chair. Elegant design and very comfortable. Our clients are extremely pleased with the custom manufacture.
  • Stacking Chairs
    Stacking Chairs
    Always a challenge to find the right design to suit. We have the range that will meet your expectations.
  • Mirror
    A standard feature in every bedroom. Our frames are made from solid wood. Stain to match your furniture.
  • Sofa Bed
    Sofa Bed
    Customize your design. Select your fabric. We supply U.S.bed mechanism. Our unique custom manufactured mattresses.
  • Barstool
    A smart application of material. Tell us what you wish and we will show you what is available.
  • Side Tables
    Side Tables
    Never a boring piece of furniture. Use a granite in-lay to change the looks.
  • Lighting Fixtures
    Lighting Fixtures
    Lighting fixtures are our specialty. Ask to see our wide range of Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, Pendent Lamps, Ceiling Lamps for your hotel.
  • Desk Chairs
    Desk Chairs
    Ask to see our range of modern classic desk chairs. It's very sleek !
  • Casino Furniture
    Casino Furniture
    We also custom manufacture Casino Furniture.
  • Outdoor Furniture
    Outdoor Furniture
    Our associate design and manufacture some of the most modern elegant outdoor furniture seen in the market today.See to believe.
  • Writing Desk
    Writing Desk
    Custom designed by our factory for our Hospitality client. We can do the same for you. Ask us.
  • Coffee Table
    Coffee Table
    Contemporary or classic design coffee table. We manufacture any furniture with wood. We get the supply of the glass.
  • Art Work
    Art Work
    We offer a complete art work package. Present your picture and we will customize the art work on canvas to include solid wood frame, to matting and security locks.
  • Night stands
    Night stands
    Our Quality and Finish will meet International Export Standards. All manufactured in Asia.
  • Glass Furniture
    Glass Furniture
    Looking for Glass tables, dining tables? Ask us.
  • European Custom Furniture
    European Custom Furniture
    We are the exclusive representative for this range of European custom furniture in leather. Visit our catalogue.

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